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Some things to consider when choosing…

1. 3 main different uses

a) Day rugs: used during midseason, under a rug in cold weather, or during daytime in the winter.

b) Stable rugs: used in stables; they are not always waterproof. They are frequently breathable so the horse does not sweat. They are generally completely padded.

c) Turnout rugs: by definition waterproof, they are only padded on the 2/3 of the height, and the lower part is lined with nylon.

2. The outer fabric
In 210 to 1800 Deniers polyester, polypropylene or nylon. The outer fabric determines solidity (more or less thick), usage (waterproof or not, breathable or not?), and its quality also helps against the cold.

3. Waterproof and breathable
Basically, a rug is waterproof and breathable depending on the materials used. Nylon, polyester and polypropylene are slightly breathable by nature. Polyester has a sort of inherent waterproofness to it. The special coating on the different fabrics actually determines if the rug is waterproof and/or breathable. The simple canvas or nylon stable blankets are breathable by nature but not waterproof. The polypropylene used for the EQUI-THEME “Colorado” range is breathable by nature but not waterproof. The special coating applied on EQUI-THEME “Tyrex” rugs reinforces both waterproofness and breathability of the 600 or 1800 Deniers ripstop polyester fabric.

4. The padding
Generally speaking, rugs are padded with polyester fibres with a weight ranging from 200 to 400 g per sqm. The padding is only one constituent of the protection against the cold: the shape and particularly the quality of the outer fabric are other important factors.

5. Lining
The ideal is T/C (polycotton, generally 75% polyester and 25% cotton). Good quality polycotton is easier to wash, stronger and costs the same as good quality pre-shrunk cotton but… lets more sweat out. Therefore it is clearly preferable to cotton. A lining can also be made of nylon (no cotton at all): more breathable and tougher. Some fabrics are even more technical but also a lot more expensive (WickEasy) and are used on high end rugs.

6. Adversity
The most “tear proof” materials can tear bafflingly fast: sharp angles, nails, screws and horse’s teeth are very damaging to the longevity of a rug. The waterproof and breathable properties of high end rugs will be jeopardized if they are washed too hot and the lower end rugs will shrink or tear at the seams. Some horses actually enjoy shredding their rugs in many different ways: no cure has yet been found to counter their mischief.

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