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As a general rule, saddles are sold with no fittings. You will have to add a pair of stirrup leathers, stirrups and a girth. Then, depending on your saddle’s brand and model, on your riding discipline and on your budget, you might find more matching tack. Do not hesitate to favour comfort for you and your horse by choosing items that are well-adapted to the shape of the horse. We recommend to always use a saddle pad or numnah in order to keep the saddle from rubbing and overheating the horse’s back and to avoid sweat stains on the leather. A back pad will give additional protection against shocks and vibrations, making your horse more comfortable and receptive for workouts and trail rides.

Our pick of the moment

JIN "Alu" Stirrups

JIN "Alu" Stirrups
One of the lightest aluminium stirrup in the world… only 300 g!

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