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Horseback riding is a rather risky sport that requires well-adapted equipment. Beyond the safety aspect, riding with specific tack will help obtaining a correct and comfortable seat… and make you appreciate your time on horseback that much more. Wearing a helmet is mandatory in riding schools and clubs and we highly recommend that you always wear one. All our helmets are C.E. labelled and tested to meet current European standards. We offer a colourful range of anatomic models that have nothing to do with the traditional “riding hat” anymore. Choose your gloves with care because they have a direct impact on the contact with the reins and the steadiness of your hands. Leather gloves with reinforcements, technical synthetic fabric gloves, polar fleece gloves for the winter… there is a glove adapted to your style of riding. Whether you fancy tall boots or if you prefer boots with half-chaps, a customised fit and quick pull on are today’s choice criteria - features that most of our products carry. And in addition to your “natural” aids, our spurs, crops, whips and carriage whips will give you extra help while riding, working from the ground or on a carriage.

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  • C.S.O. insoles “Gel&Dri-Lex®”: say “goodbye” to foot pain!


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Stainless steel FEELING ball-end spurs

Stainless steel FEELING ball-end spurs
With metal rotating ball, which rolls on the horse’s sides when used. Its action is softer and risk free, unlike the one of a fixed neck which stings when used and may “mark” the horse.

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