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Choosing a saddle is very important as it determines your pleasure to ride (if it does not suit you, you will not feel comfortable). For your purchase, you will have to consider different factors: - your budget, which is going to determine the quality of the saddle and its lifetime in regards to how frequently it is used. - the riding discipline you practice will guide you in the choice of your type of saddle: wide and comfortable for outdoors riding, or technical for competition. - your body type will determine the size of the saddle. There are two measurement units: in centimetres and in inches. Because it is possible to take the measures in two different ways, the size correspondence is not always perfect. Only testing will guarantee the good fit of a saddle. In any case, do not hesitate to follow the advice of a qualified saddler. They will do their best to keep you satisfied and let you try the saddle.

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BATES "Innova Mono+" CAIR® saddle

BATES "Innova Mono+" CAIR® saddle
Innovation and luxury at the highest level…
Experience the deep yet astonishingly open seat with its ultra close-contact and revolutionary mono-flap design that offers unrivalled close contact and connection. The FlexiContourblocs® and Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bars give the riders the...

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