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Horse back riding involves much more than just sitting on your horse. Many horses spend hours confined in their stalls. When you take care of your horse, you contribute to his well-being, making him more receptive and confident. That is why a great amount of time spent with your horse is dedicated to care and grooming. Grooming is required before and after riding to check if the horse is well and that no injury occurred in the stall or during workouts. It is both a thorough cleaning with different brushes used in a specific order, as well as a relaxing moment for the horse who enjoys a good massage. Extra time should be spent on the horse’s feet: pick the hooves regularly, apply adapted hoof care products and check shoes. As the French proverb says: “No feet, no horse”.

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Curry comb and massage double sided glove

Curry comb and massage double sided glove
Dual function P.V.C. glove. One side is a curry comb with prongs, and the other features 7 stainless steel marbles.

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