Horse tack and riding equipment for the rider: Ekkia is the specialist of the horse world.


For pasture horses, we have a range of specific and specially adapted fencing equipment.

The particularity of this comprehensive concept is the classification of 4 categories of power. You will find all the specifications on all our labels (energisers, batteries, ropes, wires and tapes) in order to help you choose among our products according to your standards and needs.
1. YELLOW labels for low power needs (sensitive or trained animals)
2. GREEN labels for medium power needs (rebellious animals – up to 100 km fencing)
3. RED labels for very high power needs (rebellious animals and big game – over 100 km fencing)
4. ORANGE labels A special range adapted specifically to horses to guarantee their safety by combining good visibility and enough power to keep horses.

Our pick of the moment

Tape 12 mm

Tape 12 mm
- 12 mm / 200 m
- Stainless steel wire 4 x 0.20 mm / 1 x 0.15 mm
- Breaking load 115 kg
- Resistance 5.20 ohms/m

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