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For many centuries, carriage driving and draught horses were used for transport and towing, but almost vanished when trains and automobiles appeared. For leisure or competition drivers, it is a true passion that aims to carry on a discipline of traditions. Today, carriage driving is a Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) recognised equestrian discipline. There are many ways to pull a carriage with one or several horses, but the standard official competitions are: 1 to 4 horses, singles, tandems, pairs or teams (except for traditional carriage driving competitions). The driver may be helped by grooms and will be judged on his/her aptitude to control the carriage with Dressage, Marathon and obstacle cone driving tests. We offer numerous types of synthetic or leather harnesses, with collars or breastplates and in sizes ranging from mini-Shetland to draught horse, this to give you many choices of driving configurations.

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Pro team exercise sheet

Pro team exercise sheet
Waterproof nylon exercise sheet lined with polar fleece. Attaches to the saddle with 3 holes allowing hooks through.

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