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OFFICINALIS® Flower “Lollyroll” holder

Flower shaped salt lick holder, especially designed for OFFICINALIS “Lollyroll” blocks items No. 709 651 to 709 654. When hung with 2 ropes, it turns into stress-reducing fun for the horse. In that case, always pay attention to installation so that the horse cannot get injured while playing. May also be affixed to the walls of the stall. Easy to assemble and clean. Each flower is delivered with 2 ropes and 1 roll shaped salt block.

Available colours :

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blue, anise/fennel/chicory/melissa roll

Item code M.S.R.P.*  
709650012 32,00 €  

mauve, strawberry/carob/mallow roll

Item code M.S.R.P.*  
709650016 32,00 €  

orange, carrot/marigold/chard

Item code M.S.R.P.*  
709650022 32,00 €  

yellow, apple/chamomile roll

Item code M.S.R.P.*  
709650010 32,00 €  

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