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Care products are meant to improve your horse’s well being and keep him in good shape. These products may be used daily for foot care, seasonally against flies, or intermittently for feed supplements - for fitness management in regards to your horse’s workload.
The ABC of horse care is foot care. It consists of applying the correct products in order to keep strong hooves and healthy growth. If your horse’s legs work hard, you can use relaxing balms or clay to help them recover from their workouts.
To make grooming easy, we offer a range of conditioners that will - in combination with our shampoos during summertime - make grooming quicker and more efficient.
You also have to think about cleaning your horse’s surroundings, and regularly disinfect his stall.
Horseback riding is probably one of the most gear dirtying sports: sweat, sand, mud… all this is very tough on your leather goods. Therefore they must be cleaned regularly in the following sequence: clean with glycerine based soap and nourish with moisturizing balm or oil. Our very efficient 2-in-1 products are a good alternative, but a regular thorough cleaning is your best guarantee for long lasting leather goods.

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EFFAX Leather care case

EFFAX Leather care case
This handy EFFAX leather care case contains all necessary products to care for equestrian leather goods in a nifty carrying case

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