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The bit is the link that transmits requests from your hands to the horse through a sensitive and receptive area (the horse’s mouth). To make sure your horse understands you instructions well, you should watch out for the following points:
1. The good health of your horse’s mouth
- the bars should not be damaged,
- there are no flaws or wolfs teeth needing the attention of a dentist,
- the shape of the palate might forbid you to use several bits with high ports.
2. The good condition of the bit
Adapted to the level of training and physical abilities of your horse (musculature and flexibility). It brings nothing to demand the impossible.
3. Much humility from yourself Did I have the correct hand action in accordance to the expected result?
You also have to choose the correct size for your bit:
- If too narrow, it will pinch the mouth, create discomfort and even injury.
- If too wide, its action will be imprecise. 2 wrinkles have to appear on the corners of the mouth.

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