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In a pristine valley, OFFICINALIS grows wonderfully scented medicinal plants that are rich in natural active ingredients for you horse’s welfare.

In the wild, horses instinctively use phytotherapy by selecting the plants nature gives them. In a pasture, they will actually pick the medicinal herbs best suited to their needs.

Lately, an increasing number of veterinarians started using these herbal remedies with excellent results. This type of remedy can efficiently treat a great number of pathologies: respiratory disorders, muscle, bone, joint as well as musculoskeletal problems, and different types of food intolerances and allergies. Phytotherapy also helps keeping horses in good health by strengthening their immune system, and may be used as a preventive measure against the first symptoms of a disease.

Please note that all medicinal plants may not be beneficial to all animal, so it would be best to seek veterinary advice for treatment and dosage.

News about a brand

  • Product focus: protect your horses’ joints thanks to “Super Arti” by OFFICINALIS!


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  • OFFICINALIS: the sweetness of nature for your horses!


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  • Officinalis : your horse's well being, the natural way !


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OFFICINALIS® Flower “Lollyroll” holder

OFFICINALIS® Flower âLollyrollâ holder
Flower shaped salt lick holder, especially designed for OFFICINALIS “Lollyroll” blocks items No. 709 651 to 709 654. When hung with 2 ropes, it turns into stress-reducing fun for the horse. In that case, always pay attention to installation so that the horse cannot get injured while playing....

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