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All the essential care products for your horse and tack.
From grooming to feed supplements, the objective of HIPPO-TONIC is to contribute to your horse’s well-being and balance.
Handy and ergonomic, the HIPPO-TONIC range of grooming and stable equipment offers products that are easy to use and efficient… in fun colours… when approached in a fun manner, grooming a horse becomes more pleasant.

As for the care products, HIPPO-TONIC gives priority to natural components in order to safeguard your horse and leather goods.
• For your horse: a complete range of products specifically adapted to care for feet, legs, coat, mane and tail.
• For your horse to stay in shape or to improve health and physical performances: feed supplements rich in vitamins and minerals.
• For your horse’s comfort and yours: softening, cleaning and nourishing leather care products to maintain and embellish the leather’s original quality and extend its life span.

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HIPPO-TONIC grooming box

HIPPO-TONIC grooming box
This highly resistant P.V.C. grooming box is light and roomy.

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