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The specialists for functional leather and textiles. HEY Sport provides intelligent impregnation for leather and textiles.

Conventional detergents completely destroy the benefits of your sportswear. Some of the important functions disappear and the clothing no longer fulfils your expectations. Correct care of your new clothing is absolutely essential if it is going to give you long-lasting pleasure.
Leading manufacturers of functional textiles draw particular attention to the fact that no impregnation lasts forever. Therefore it must be renewed from time to time. Conventional impregnation products seal or clog the entire surface and destroy the breathability of the functional textiles (e. g. membranes and microfibers). Consequently condensation is formed which creates an atmosphere of dampness within the garment. The "intelligent" HEY Sport impregnators envelope the individual fibres. This procedure is known as "coating". The entire surface is not sealed or clogged in such a case. Rather an innovative water-repellent action is created for each individual fibre. The functional features are preserved. Intelligent HEY Sport impregnation and correct care.