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Established as the reference for all that relates to mouthpieces (bits and snaffles), the FEELING brand is well known for the inherent quality of its bits and their impeccable finish. All FEELING bit batches are tested at production because a quality bit is a pledge for safety.
FEELING bits are made with very high quality (the best) 18 chrome stainless steel using the "Lost Wax System", giving them this perfect finish and shine, as opposed to sand moulding which usually reveals defects.
To meet general demand, FEELING developed a "satin finish stainless steel" collection. This “satin look” is just for aesthetics, to allow you to match your bit to the buckles of your favourite bridle.
As the specialist and leader in the “stainless steel” field, FEELING also offers a wide range of spurs and (regular or safety) stirrups for all practises and disciplines. And to make it more affordable for everyone, in 2011 the FEELING brand launched the FEELING FIRST brand, of similar quality with a less refined finish.

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