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DAINESE’s motto: protect people from head to toe. DAINESE is the world’s leader in the production of protective clothing for motorcyclists and for those who participate in dynamic sports.

DAINESE was founded in 1972 in Molvena by the current C.E.O., Lino Dainese, who started producing leather motocross trousers. He thinks about movement, speed and freedom and how to combine them with safety. Motorcyclists race, dare and reach for their bike’s handling limits: they like it and nothing else interests them. Therefore, someone has worry about their protection, someone who knows them and knows how to anticipate their needs.

For DAINESE, creating protection and safety for people means seeking inspiration in nature: for example, observing the way evolution designed an armadillo or a lobster’s shell. History is also a source of inspiration with medieval and Renaissance suits of armour that were offering protection, ergonomics and safety to a few privileged knights. Such is the challenge: use concepts crated by nature and some of the most brilliant historical intuitions to manufacture protective gear that can be adopted by the greatest amount possible of users. Democratic protection at last.

Since the beginning, DAINESE works in partnership with World Champions. Beyond a simple endorsement process, there is a deeper purpose linked to research and development of innovating solutions in order to protect pilots and athletes in the very tough world of competition.

DAINESE started with motorbikes, but went way beyond: since 1995, the technologies developed for the safety of motorcyclists is applied to other sports. Mountain biking, then skiing, then aquatic sports like jet skiing and kite surfing, and finally horseback riding.