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Bates Australia is driven by a philosophy of true innovation focused on performance of saddles for both horse and rider. An unquenchable thirst for understanding the impact saddles have on the equine back and their unrelenting patience for problem solving has earned Bates Australia their reputation, as industry leaders in innovation. Their philosophy of innovation and excellence permeates through every aspect of their business, from the drawing board down to each stitch on their saddles.
Bates Saddlery was formed in 1934 when Mr George Bates. From inception, the aim of George Bates was to produce high quality saddles for a variety of equestrian uses and over the decades the company has remained true to its founder's vision.
Today the company, renamed Bates Australia, is run by one of the founder's grandsons, Ron Bates, with another grandson, Ken Bates. Their innovative approach to saddle manufacturing saw the worldwide release of the Wintec range of saddles in 1986. Wintec was the first saddle to be manufactured from high-tech synthetic materials and set about modernising an industry firmly planted in tradition. Bates Australia revolutionised the industry again in 1996 with the launch of the EASY-CHANGE™ Gullet System, allowing the rider to custom fit their saddle to their horse’s changing shape.
The visionary Research and Development Team of Bates Australia have been responsible for developing many radical systems that work together to produce saddles with unparalleled performance. The Bates Saddle Range are the most technologically advanced saddles in the world featuring Elastiflex Trees, the Adjustable Flexibloc System, Unique Stirrup Bar Positioning and Adjustable Y-Girthing System, to name a few. The latest revolutionary innovation of Bates Australia has won acclaim from renowned riders, vets, remedial therapists and saddlers worldwide. The CAIR Panel System has been hailed as one of the greatest inventions of the 21st Century. The notion of air as the ultimate in cushioning for the horse’s working muscles is a simple concept; no one however, could have predicted the profound difference this simple system would make to both horse and rider’s performance. The Bates brothers regard the CAIR Panel System, as their biggest and most significant innovation in the saddle industry.

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BATES All Purpose CAIR®, square cantle
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