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Easy Change Fit Solution, THE comprehensive solution for custom saddle fit!


A horse’s comfort and well-being: 2 fundamental elements for all riders. Therefore, it is essential to be able to satisfy the changing needs of your horse.

Physical shape, musculature, maturity and type of workouts: these are all factors that may change the body shape of your horse during its life. So should one change saddle at each stage? That is just unthinkable for us riders, and of course for Bates&Wintec who created the Easy Change Fit Solution system.

Easy Change Fit Solution: the first comprehensive solution for saddle fitting dedicated to riders. Now they have the possibility to fit their saddles to the changing shapes of their horses in minutes, in order to optimize comfort and performance.

Easy Change Fit Solution turns full saddle fitting to the specific needs of your horse into child’s play: 2 steps / 2 kits.

Easy Change™ gullet system: allows you to modify the width of the Elastiflex gullet.

1. Use the measuring tool to select the correct size gullet to fit your horse

2. Chose the corresponding gullet among the 6 available gullet sizes

3. Make the change in minutes.



- Easy Change™ riser system: allows you to alter the panels in order to modify the saddle’s balance, and to adjust the spine clearance to the particular shape of your horse’s back.

1. Check the balance of the saddle and the gullet clearance on your horse’s back.

2. Make the necessary alterations using the front, centre and rear risers. They allow you to add height exactly where needed.

We advise to check your horse’s musculature regularly (every 3 to 6 months) and to proceed to the necessary alterations.

The Easy Change Fit Solution is available exclusively for BATES high performance leather saddles and for world n° 1 WINTEC Easy Care synthetic saddles.

The Easy Change video will allow you to check if your saddle needs to be adjusted, and to see the step by step process.